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The UMH Alpha reviltalizes water and other liquids with this efficient stand-alone unit. The device is made of high quality brass, plated with 24-carat gold and fittted with a pyramid-shaped polished quartz crystal. Internal handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field, creating a spring like quality to your water. Due to the advantages of a free-standing construction, you can also restructure bottled water and other liquids. Through repeated vitalizing you can attain a custom water energy level.

For additional versatility and convenience, the Travel Kit conersion pack is reccommended. Now your UMH Alpha doubles as a spring like water source wherever you go.


  • Elimination of a spectrum of pollutants
  • Improving cellular water and nutrient absorption capacity
  • Crystaliline spring water structure
  • Stable bioenergy
  • Energizing of bottled¬† water and beverages
  • Multiple vitalization possible
  • Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking
  • Noticeably softer and fresher taste
  • No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets
  • Maintenance-free for life


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